Town of Chesapeake City MD

Today, Chesapeake City is the only town in Maryland that is situated on a working commercial canal. Most of its interesting 19th-century architecture remains intact, and the area that encompasses it on the south bank has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places. At the city dock, pleasure boaters find a tranquil harbor off the busy Inter-Coastal Waterway, of which the canal is a major element. From the basin, visitors can walk easily into town or tour the Canal Museum, where the story of the canal is told and the massive waterwheel and steam engines that filled the locks stand in mute testimony. Outside is a replica of the lighthouses that lined the canal in days gone by.

Chesapeake City now is a destination widely known for its unique inland view of ocean-going vessels, for the proudly preserved and displayed reminders of its history, and for its friendly hospitality. Travelers discover fine dining, picturesque stores, outdoor concerts, seasonal events, and outstanding bed & breakfasts. From its origin as a rough and rowdy boom town, through an era of dispiriting depression, Chesapeake City has emerged as a charming and interesting place with a warm welcome for its visitors.

Town Hall

Memorial Bench Dedication

The Town of Chesapeake City would like to honor Carla Miners for the hard work and artistic talent that she brought to us. She was dedicated to making this town the best it could be! Please visit this bench located at the Head of the Ben Cardin Trail and enjoy the...

Chesapeake City Town Election Results

Congratulations to incumbent Councilperson Frank Vari,  former Councilperson Rebecca Mann, and to newcomer Carolyn Blevins! Also, the Town of Chesapeake City would like to thank the other candidates, Bill Staker and Brian M. Bluman for their interest and a special...

Town of Chesapeake City Ordinance No:01.09.2017

An ordinance of the Town of Chesapeake City to amend the Chesapeake City Comprehensive Development Ordinance to provide for satellite parking and to codify the existing architectural design standards. Click HERE to download the City Ordinance...