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Planning Commision

To successfully fulfill the functions and duties as provided by the Land Use Article of the Maryland Annotated Code.

About the Land Use Article
In 2012, the Maryland General Assembly repealed Article 66B and Article 28 and replaced it with the Land Use Article. The State of Maryland entrusts local jurisdictions with land use planning authority to guide growth and development through the Land Use Article. The statute outlines the responsibilities, roles, and functions of the planning commission and sets the ground rules for planning and zoning powers.

Business (voting) Meetings are held at 6:30 pm the first Wednesday of every month. Workshops are held at 6:30 pm the third Wednesday of every month.

Members (alphabetical by last name)
Lee Adams (Chair)
John Watson (Vice Chair)
Chris Coluikos
Rob McLarnon
Harry Sampson
Bill Staker
Chris Haley


Planning Commission Ordinance & Permit Applications

The Comprehensive Development Ordinance are the rules and regulations for construction in Chesapeake City.

Applications for the Historic District Commission are listed below for those building permits that are required in South Chesapeake City Historic District Approval.

Please read the applications carefully and call Town Hall at 410-885-5298 if you have any questions.

Meeting Agendas