Her Mind Magazine Article- Seeing Cecil

Seeing Cecil

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Chesapeake MD Lions Club Car Show

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Video of the Chesapeake MD Lions Club Car Show “Woodies” Cars (5:30) 8 Awards (16:30)


Video of the Chesapeake MD Lions Club Car Show “Woodies” Cars (5:30) 8 Awards (16:30)


Chesapeake City – Winterfest Tree Lighting

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A video of the Winterfest Tree Lighting. Santa (10:05) Countdown to the tree lighting (10:35)


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Chesapeake Show #2 Chesapeake City Intro

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A second youtube video featuring the town of Chesapeake City with Mayor Dean Geracimos. C&D Museum (0:34) Pell Gardens & wedding venues (3:00) Serenity Salon & Spa (3:45)


Chesapeake City (southern section)

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The town was originally named the Village of Bohemia — or Bohemia Manor


C& D Canal Waterfront Museum Now Open on Weekends!


Several years ago, the Army Corps of Engineers created a stunning historical tribute to the infamous C&D Canal. Starting from its origins as a canal dug by the hands and engineering ingenuity of over 1500 men, the museum bears witness to the millions of east-west passages that have gone through the historic canal and the stories they tell. Housed in its original early 1800s canal structures, this gem of a museum with moving exhibits and video offers a amazing look at the history, beauty and wildlife on what is still the third most active canal on the planet.


Chesapeake City Show – St. Patrick’s Day Parade

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2016 St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Chesapeake City – State of the Town 2016

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View the 2016 State of the Town Address


Chesapeake City Show #1

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Great youtube video featuring the Town of Chesapeake City with Mayor Dean Geracimos. The Bayard House Restaurant. (7:50) Chesapeake CityLearning Center. (14:34)


Town Photos

There are a lot of photos, so please be patient while they all load up!