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Her Mind Magazine Article- Seeing Cecil

Seeing Cecil magazine article

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Chesapeake MD Lions Club Car Show

Woodies cars at Lions Club show

Video of the Chesapeake MD Lions Club Car Show “Woodies” Cars (5:30) 8 Awards (16:30)


Video of the Chesapeake MD Lions Club Car Show “Woodies” Cars (5:30) 8 Awards (16:30)


Chesapeake City – Winterfest Tree Lighting

Winterfest Tree Lighting


A video of the Winterfest Tree Lighting. Santa (10:05) Countdown to the tree lighting (10:35)


Chesapeake City Intro

Chesapeake City Introduction

Featuring the town of Chesapeake City with Mayor Dean Geracimos. C&D Museum (0:34) Pell Gardens & wedding venues (3:00) Serenity Salon & Spa (3:45)


Chesapeake City (southern section)

Town was originally called Village of Bohemia

The town was originally named the Village of Bohemia — or Bohemia Manor


C& D Canal Waterfront Museum Now Open on Weekends!

People standing in front of a museum display

Several years ago, the Army Corps of Engineers created a stunning historical tribute to the infamous C&D Canal. Starting from its origins as a canal dug by the hands and engineering ingenuity of over 1500 men, the museum bears witness to the millions of east-west passages that have gone through the historic canal and the stories they tell. Housed in its original early 1800s canal structures, this gem of a museum with moving exhibits and video offers a amazing look at the history, beauty and wildlife on what is still the third most active canal on the planet.

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The museum is continually open to the public on weekdays but has not been accessible on Saturdays and Sundays until last year when the Chesapeake Inn, Schaefers Canal House and the Bayard House restaurants helped the town of Chesapeake City make weekend hours possible by providing staffing for the museum. The town of Chesapeake City wanted to add to tourists’ enjoyment of the area when they visit the charming historic town. Weekend visitors can take a tour of the museum from the hours of 11 am until 4 pm every Saturday and Sunday from now until the last weekend in October.

Last year, the museum was open for 20 weekends and enjoyed over 1,000 visitors from all over the world. This year the museum’s availability has been extended to 30 total weekends. Recent sign-ins in March to the Museum’s Log Book included people from Vietnam, Laos, Morocco, Chile, and Germany!

Don’t miss it.  Bring the kids. Bring the grandparents. Bring yourselves. Children love the beautiful ship models, videos, and the ancient fossils from the first canal dig;  Seniors get excited over the engineering, the ingenuity and the nostalgia. It’s a terrific family destination.

Weekend visitors can find the C&D Canal Museum at the intersection of Second Street and Bethel Road just west of the Chesapeake Inn. Parking areas marked with Canal Museum signage are located just outside the main gate.

Admission to the museum is free.  ADA Accessible. MORE INFO: 410-885-5298

Chesapeake City Show – St. Patrick’s Day Parade

St. Patrick’s Day 2016


2016 St. Patrick’s Day Parade


Chesapeake City – State of the Town 2016

State of the Town 2016


View the 2016 State of the Town Address