Chesapeake City Government

Note for Screen Reader Users: The majority of the documents contained on this page are PDFs and may not be readable by Screen Readers as many been scanned in, for example, to display legal signatures. Any resident using a Screen Reader may contact the office to inquire about receiving readable, non-scanned copies.

Town Council Minutes & Agendas

2024 - Minutes & Agendas

January 8 Meeting – Agenda   |  Minutes

January 22 Workshop – Agenda   |  Minutes

February 12 Meeting – Agenda

February 26 Workshop – Agenda

2023 - Minutes & Agendas

2022 - Minutes & Agendas

2021 - Minutes & Agendas

2020 - Minutes & Agendas

Chesapeake City Comprehensive Plan

The following are PDF documents, some rather large in size so they may take a few moments to download.

Other Government Resources

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The Town of Chesapeake City will be gradually adding more online forms to this page, for the convenience of all our residents. If you require a form that is not listed here, please contact our office at 410-885-5298.

Plans, Ordinances & Maps

Town Charter & Government Overview

The Chesapeake City Town Charter is available as a PDF download.  It’s a rather large file (3.03 mb) so it may take a minute or two to download.

DOWNLOAD: Chesapeake City Town Charter

Town Government Overview

Chesapeake City was incorporated in 1849. Chesapeake City is one of 157 municipalities in Maryland. Municipalities, independent of size or wealth, are recognized along with each of the counties as co-equal local government entities under Maryland state law.

Our municipal charter defines the structure of our town government. There are four structures of municipal government, Weak Mayor and Council; Strong Mayor and Council; Commissioner; and Council Manager. Chesapeake City follows the Strong Mayor and Council model, which is defined by five council members. Mayor and Council are elected at large; Mayor is separate from Council; Mayor is chief executive of administration; Council serves as legislative branch; Mayor has veto power with Council override requiring a super-majority. The Mayor and each of the five members of the Town Council serve two year staggered terms.

The Mayor and Council meet typically two evenings a month. The second Monday of the month is the Town meeting where legislation and town business is conducted. On the fourth Monday the Mayor and Council meet at a workshop to discuss items to be voted on at the regular meeting.

Participation is essential and encouraged. Besides running for an elected position there are Commissions, Boards and Committees that keep our town running. Attending meetings and getting involved is the best way to ensure a successful local government.